The ability of students to be proficient when using technology is important as achieving success in many of the jobs of the future will require the use of these skills.  This is particularly important at a time when the jobs of the future have not yet been created. Our access to technology is built upon a fantastic network that allows for excellent internet speeds whether it is using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Each classroom has a WAP port that provides the necessary internet access.

Every classroom is outfitted with a 75" Evolution X Panel which is a fully integrated interactive multi touch LED screen with intuitive gesture recognition and crystal clear image reproduction. The features of the board include multi touch technology, UHD (4k) 75" panel, plug and play, hearing loop port, built in speakers, gesture recognition, retina protect technology, link media interact software and the easi-teach software. The inclusion of comprehensive training and support ensures that the staff of Carnaby Rise Primary School are always proficient in using the boards so that it complements the learning and teaching program they put into action.

Students have access to iPad technology with 155 iPads available for use in each phase of learning from Kindy to Year 6. Carnaby Rise Primary School also has 60 Mac Books for use by students and staff to assist the continual development of information technology skills.