At Carnaby Rise Primary School we have a qualified occupational therapist on site. Occupational therapists are regulated health care professionals who work with children in a variety of settings, including schools. As children grow and develop, they learn to do many things such as taking care of themselves, managing their school work, playing sports and developing their own hobbies and interests. Some children have more difficulties than is typical for their age making everyday activities a challenge to learn and master.

Occupational therapists focus largely on the development of gross motor and fine motor skills, visual motor integration, visual perceptual skills and sensory processing which are all critical skills in order to perform in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, manipulation of tools, performance in physical education, independence with self-care tasks and social integration.

The school based service at Carnaby Rise Primary School is designed to screen and assess children’s foundational skill development in order to identify what is impacting on the child’s performance, ability and attention/concentration in the classroom environment. A specialised occupational therapy program designed by our on-site occupational therapist is administered to all year groups from Kindergarten to Year 6. Ongoing support and coaching is provided to teachers and education assistants to assist the child in the development of their skills and to enhance classroom performance.

Abbey Loan - Carnaby Rise PS own Occupational Therapist